Brave Glacier

Brave Glacier

$28.00 USD

Gold Glacier. While RV'ing around the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska a few summers ago, we saw firsthand the beauty of glaciers. The contrast of rock, ice, and water is stark. Their earth-carving nature is crazy impressive. But what I liked most were the streams, rivers and lakes they produced along with their iridescent blue-green colors. Picture: Glacier Bay, Alaska, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Natural 6mm gemstones with letter beads and a "Be Kind" charm.
Actual colors and shapes of beads will vary slightly from pictures as these are natural products.


Calm. Brings a sense of peace to the brain and nervous system by balancing feminine and masculine energies.


Small: 6.5" 
Medium: 7.0"
Large: 7.5"

Fit may vary slightly given the use of natural gemstones and wood or bone beads


Handmade in the United States from materials sourced globally.