Brave Ocean
Brave Ocean
Brave Ocean

Brave Ocean

$28.00 USD

Ocean. Covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface, the ocean is the most dominant geological feature of our planet.  And with less than 20% having been mapped, it may be the next frontier of exploration. Why spend billions or more going to Mars when new discoveries lay closer to home? We have had the good fortune of living at the beach and I've grown to love the dynamic nature of the ocean, its myriad shades of blue, relaxing sounds, and abundant wildlife.   


Natural 6mm gemstones with letter beads, a wood bead and a "Be Kind" charm. 
Actual colors and shapes of beads will vary slightly from pictures as these are natural products.


Rational. Brings balance and calm to emotions, helping us accept ourselves for who we are.


Small: 6.5" 
Medium: 7.0"
Large: 7.5"

Fit may vary slightly given the use of natural gemstones and wood or bone beads


Handmade in the United States from materials sourced globally.