Live Wild Gold

Live Wild Gold

$28.00 USD


Seek adventure, follow the call of your soul, and love hard. These bracelets were made in honor of the Sawyer family & their fun life motto. Live wild and love fully!

*a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Sawyer family 


Life & Renewal. Connect with the energy of the Earth, tapping into the joy of being alive and the energy that uplifts the heart.


6mm metal beads, acrylic letter beads, a wood bead, and a "Be Kind" charm. 


XS: 6.0"
Small: 6.5" 
Medium: 7.0"
Large: 7.5"
XL: 8.0"

Fit and shape may vary slightly given the use of natural gemstones. 


Handmade in the United States from materials sourced globally.